10 facts about Harapan forest

In February 2008, Government of Indonesia granted a forest conccension for company supported by Burung Indonesia and Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), an UK based organization. This is a first award of ecosystem restoration.  Formerly, a part of forest was managed for timber extraction, but abondaned for years.

What’s make the forest interesting?

  1. Harapan forest is a 100 years- forest concession given by Indonesia government. Previously, Government of Indonesia gave private timber concenssion for about 35 years
  2. Harapan forest is managed by private company to save birds’ ecosystem.
  3. Harapan forest covers 101.000 hectares of lowland forest, equal to two-thirds the size of Greater London
  4. Harapan forest employs about 100 rangers to patrol along forest area
  5. Harapan forest located in Jambi, a province in Sumatra, an inland where palm oil plantation keeps expanding.
  6. It took 4 years before special conccension granted since initiated by Burung Indonesia
  7. Bird is one of environmental indicators to measure environment quality. There are about 287 birds’ species found in Harapan forest.
  8. Restoring birds’ habitats is meaning allowing other species to be protected too. There are threatened species such as Sumatran tiger, Asian elephant, Malayan tapir, clouded leopard and sun bear found in Harapan forest.
  9. Researchers found bulian trees (Eusideroxylon zwageri) in Harapan forest, among 159 tree species. Bulian listed as vulnerable tree species
  10. Harapan forest put biodiversity aspects as criteria for long succeess as well as income generating opportunities for surrounding pople
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