16 GB mp3 players and the new blood minerals

apple-ipod-touchBe aware, your components of portable mp3 player or cellphones  could be sourced from the conflicts mineral in Congo.  Must consumers aren’t realize where their components of their mp3 players from. VOA says most (electronics) components are produced from minerals  mined by armed groups in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo.

People must aware while buying mp3 players, cellphones or video game. The manufacture should buy minerals from conflict-free area. If you buy products that contain the minerals from conflict area such Congo, so you indirectly allows outlaws factions to continue a conflict that are brutal, violence conscription of child soldiers.

Raise Hope For Congo lists some minerals that traded by armed groups:

  • Tin, used as a solder in circuit boards of cellphone
  • Tantalum, used to store electricity in capacitors in iPods, digital cameras, and cell phones
  • Tungsten, used to make your cell phone or Blackberry vibrate
  • Gold, as jewelery as well as used in electronics components

I thought that many manufactures bought minerals from around the world, not only from Congo. Earth has plenty source of minerals that scattered in many locations. However, considering mineral-conflict in our buying plan of  16 GB mp3 player is good anyway.

Let the manufactures response this issues.

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