2009 World’s biggest companies and fossil energy business

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Forbes releases the world’s biggest companies list. It reveals 2000 companies that, says Forbers,  ‘will emerge on the other side of the trough far stronger when world economies snap back next year’. Current global crisis is not a hard way for them to keep grow, fund, and entering the new market. Even crisis is the best time to buy rivals.

The world’s biggest  companies are placed in 62 countries, mostly in US.  Forbes put various sectors from banking to telecommunication industry.  The list also put several fossil energy companies in top 15.

Although international organizations propose a concept of green economy, in fact,  fossil energy business has more  assets and resources. Ok, this situation could be opportunity too. They has more capital to alter the pattern of world energy economy, so we have a chance for green economy.

Here top 15 of world’s biggest companies, in 2009:

  1. General Electric
  2. Royal Dutch Shell
  3. Toyota Motor
  4. Exxon
  5. BP
  6. HSBC Holdings
  7. AT & T
  8. Wal Mart
  9. Banco Santander
  10. Chevron
  11. Total
  12. ICBC
  13. Gazprom
  14. Petrochina
  15. Volkswagen Group

What do you say?

The image above is the cover of  “Getting off  Track“, a book  written by John B Taylor explaining the cause of the current global crisis.

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