August 2011

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Twitter: How creative works benefit to your business

I still believe that creativity has significant role in business. It’s not only in advertising on both online and conventional business (non-paperless information industries). Thus, creativity contributes positive impacts on selling rate of online stores….

Easy way to rip DVD

The growing of big data has create demand on huge capacity of storage infrastructure and storage optimization¬† methods. SSD and cloud storage are recent popular options to address the problems related to growing data. However,…

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Why we need to recycle our used cellphone

The booming of Blackberry and android recently have forced some of us to idle the old cellphone. EPA launched national program on cellphone recycling as part of Earth Day 2009 celebration. This program enable you…

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Tips for improving your score on the verbal GMAT

Many high earning jobs require graduate from business school. Learning in business school is a crucial step to achieve the cool jobs: high salary in most prospective industry.¬†If you eager to get the cool job,…

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Top excellent brand 2011 rated by US customers

Here some brands you voted sometime ago. The following brands have been rated as excellent and good by the customers. The top excellent brand 2011 consists to various industry, from retailers, hotels to insurances. The…

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Forest ecosystem in changing climate

Forest ecosystem refers to forested area with its interaction within. Interaction within the forest ecosystem involves various wildlife agents, such tree, animal, and microorganism. Each agent plays its role to make the interaction works and…