5 Reasons to join blogging contests

Today we found many contests circulated in blogsphere in any forms and terms. Some providers used terms of award, others used blogging contest or SEO contest and else. One of the hottest contest running by Pogung177 is namely Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009. This contest is categorized as SEO contest which will select top ten sites in local google searching using defined keywords.

For your information, indonesian will elect their representative in parliement in this year as well as president election. Peace campaign need to be supported by all people including bloggers and Pogung177 seems want to contribute of making his country more peacefuller.

Back to the contest era, what is your reason to join a contest?

  1. Sharpening your skill both soft skill of content writing and search engine optimization
  2. Learn and test new technique from another participants
  3. Build links and links. Links is currency of blogsphere, if you don’t have enough links, your website and your blogging strategy need to be re-evaluated
  4. Prizes make most participants getting on fire.
  5. Having fun. Every one has own motivation to engage in blogsphere, others are very addicted, but there are people that never get online. Yes, they do not need internet for their real life.

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