5 Reasons to use SmartArt

SmartArt, one of the recent feature of Microsoft Office 2007 has several advantages.  You can find the feature within Insert Tab of the Ribbon.  Why we need to know how to use SmartArt?

  1. More people interested in graphical content rather than text only. SmartArt help us to build colorful graphics so content easily to understand
  2. SmartArt provide customized graphics to explain process, hierarchy, cycle and relationship
  3. Each graphic has several layouts and more styles. We can customize text, color, size etc
  4. SmartArt  is built in Microsoft Office 2007. If you can run it in Mircrosoft Excel, so you can use it in another Office 2007 softwares.
  5. In Powerpoint 2007 SmartArt can be combined by the animation
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