6 useful resources for WordPress users

Blogging is about an art of managing resources based on creative ideas. This simple term will find its place where the world is flattened by cutting edge information technologies. In this world, all resources are created and provided easier.  Someone created; others improved and then spread it throughout the world.  Everyone now has the rights to produce, distribute and consume it.

I list some resources that recently improving my blogging activity:

  1. Zemanta. Take your blogging time efficient by this smart tool. Zemanta will help us finding related links, tags and pictures. Even it will be linked to products provided be Amazon and your associate ID. I wrote how Zemanta works and its valuable services.
  2. LinkTiger: Your links are your assets. Maintain your assets with LinkTiger who will hunt your broken links and report it regularly. I posted about LinkTiger months ago and still use the service right now.
  3. Share This. Your ideas were seen in your postings. But every posting has its readability level that configured by your network media. Share This is a popular plug-in that help us to share our links to major social medias and our friends.
  4. WP Webhost. Blogging must supported by reliable webhosts. I find the reliable webhost and wonder that the company is vigorous when maintaining their community.
  5. Akismet. The most powerful tool to protect our blog against spam attacks!
  6. Ask2Link. Sometime you need a little effort to increase your popularity of your online business sites. You may buy some links in Ask2link.
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