Useful shortcuts for data analysis in Excel

Excel provides shortcuts of various command, from formatting to printing. Find your favorite shortcuts of excel when dealing with data analysis task. Here the useful shortcuts:


Refresh all information in workbook that come from various linked sources

Alt+E, K

Open edit link wizard contained external data sources, location and update command

Alt+T, G

Open goal seek command. Use goal seek to run scenario calculation


Shortcut to display most used calculation: sum, average, maximum, minimum etc


Display formula wizard so you can edit the formula arguments at the selected cell


Quick edit. Move the pointer from anywhere to current cell. Use this to edit value, formula at choosing cell.


If you want to collapse a range of cell, try to this command. It will cells together , or expanded it.

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  • SUMMARY OUTPUT gives various results as Annova, Residual output etc. Where to get information about it which symbol signifies what?
    .-= Save Workbook´s last smart idea ..Showing or Hiding a data table or chart legend =-.