A Brief Part of Spatial Econometrics

A subject has attracted my curiocity. It’s about to combine several domains such economomics, spatial analysis and statistics. The combination of economic analysis with statistics has yielded econometrics –now there are growing number research involving spatial aspects into econometrics.

One of the most popular scientist promoting spatial econometrics is Luc Anselin. You may found his analysis, scientific ouput throughout online world. Easy to read and to understand.

According to Anselin, spatial econometrics is a subfield of econometrics that deals with the treatment of spatial interaction and spatial structure in regression models for cross-sectional and panel data. Luc added, that spatial econometrics is distinct from spatial statistics in the same sense as econometrics is distinct from statistics in general.

Luc has listed some foundation of spatial econometrics:

  • Spatial effects
  • Spatial Weights and Spatial Lags
  • Formal expression of spatial autocorrelation

Scientist uses spatial econometrics analysis in various topics such: poverty, market analysis, regional development and others.