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A new year blogging contest is being conducted by young Indonesian blogger, Indrameissa. I’ve noticed, this is one cheapest way of various back link building.  Instead of submitting to paid-engine  to increase popularity, bloggers prefer to build links with another sites through such contests.

I list some type of contests.  One-way contest is a type of contest creating one way link between provider and its participants. Participants don’t have to put another participants’ link into their  post.  Assorted links is another type blogging contets.  This contest spreads through invitation-like shared out by previous participants to another bloggers.   Previous bloggers will put name of another bloggers  to answer  simple questions such, “What’ve you done in last weekend?” or  “what things make you happier?”. The assorted blogging contest seems build more links and therefore more bloggers are involved.

Indrameissa likes to carry out one-way blogging contest . It’s called Happy New Year Blogger Contest. He started  the contest on Dec 10, 2008 and will be ended in Jan 31, 2009. So, if you wanna join this contest you still have a chance. He put a prize of one year domain name and its webshoting for the lucky participant. The winner can choose his domain name freely.

Here the requirements to participate this light contest:

  • Make a post contained a link to in the text of Indra Meissa Production. Put it free anywhere as you like
  • Link the announcement this contest posting with text of Happy New Year Blogger Contest
  • Put your link of the posting to comment section of the announcement article in the

I suggest to Indrameissa and everyone who wanna join this contest to put another previous participants into your posting. Three previous participants are Blogmobile, Rajashatara and Ndeso.

By the way, Indrameissa also urge to all participants to put this link and text below :

Hadiah ini di persembahkan oleh

Indra Meissa Productions
Joomla Versus Blogger Indonesian Community

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