Affordable food

I agree with argument on the development of biofuel threatening Indonesia food security. It happen mainly through land conversion. In the next decades, biofuel crops will dominate agricultural land and decreasing forest land.

Today I read a 2006 publication on agricultural land conversion. It says that the accelerating rate of conversion of agricultural lands in mainly caused by very low incentives to work in agriculture compared to industrial and service sectors. I try to link it with biofuel development.

Commodity price is significant factor in all agricultural bussines. Increasing demand of biofuel lead to the higher price. Thus, farmers will change their commodity to biofuel crops. Biofuel crops seems attractive, but we need to consider about its economic scale. In which land the biofuel crops plantation will economically feasible?

Biofuel crops plantation may feasible in outside java. Oil palm plantations show obvious evidence. Some publications also show about the environmental impacts of oil palm plantation expansion.

And, talking about food security it’s not about land an sich. Food could be physically available, but how about the price? We must make sure that we have good food with affordable price.  People living in agriculture-based country should get the food in affordable level. And people living in richest countries should get their food in affordable level of their wealth~

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