Amazon new facility for new jobs in South Carolina

Amazon, the manufacturer of popular tablet computer Kindle Fire, announces the new facility  of at Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Amazon claims that the new facility will create hundreds of new full time jobs and involve a $50 million investment in the state.

That’s sound good! Though some economists predicted not very brighter of economy, this investment shows a kind of optimism. New business investments mean new job creation.

Why Amazon so brave to put investment in this area? Is this a brilliant 2012 business idea?

“South Carolina has been a great home for us and we’re excited to create hundreds of additional jobs in the state,” said Dave Clark, vice president, Amazon Global Customer Fulfillment.

According to Bobby Hitt of Secretary of Commerce, the state has a vibrant and growing distribution and logistics sector, and having a company like Amazon continue to establish new operations as well.

According to press release, Amazon plans to begin hiring for the new fulfillment center later this year and the facility is expected to be operational this fall