Attractive contests

Getting involved in contest is fun.  I notice some contests that you may participate it which is easy and it takes only little time. If you lucky, you could win interesting prizes such cash, free domain name with one-year free web hosting and else.  A struggle could be needed to get the top, but some others is just casual remark of blog walking.

Contests are varying depend on who launch it. As internet users, or the citizen of internet world (I remember some words just like the citizen of confederation in Starship Troopers, cmiiw:)) you may participate all that contests.

Here some sample of attractive contests:

  1. I<3 blogging design contest. Announced in the beginning of this month, the contest invites everyone who has talent of blog design, loves blogging activity and WordPress too. Grand Prize Winner will receive: $400 cash, $400 of Infectious products and some WordPress’ nice-looking gifts
  2. Nice marketing wizard contest. As the released of new ebook, the author will give free copy of the e-book for five winners and cash of $50 paid through paypal for the grand winner. To join this contest is easy, you only need to review the site owned by the author.
  3. Pogung177 of Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009. This is three-months SEO contest that was launched last month. There will be 10 winners getting prizes cash of about $50 and flash disks.
  4. Hakimtea 1 year blogging contest. The contest declares as non-SEO contest, but to celebrate one-year author’s blogging activity. Cash, domain name with one year USA-based free webhosting are offered as prizes for the winners.
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