Australia Biodiversity Fund, $946m investment for new carbon stores

The government of Australia seems very serious with the climate change issue. It recent policy provide incentive for farmers and land manager for activities which restore, manager and better protect biodiversity on public and private land.

The government allocate around $946m over the next six years for this green investment. That’s not small funds.

It’s call Biodiversity Fund. The fund will provide support to establishing new carbon stores or better managing carbon stores of existing native habitat. Here some sample project supported by The Biodiversity Fund as cited from Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities:

  • establish new biodiverse plantings of mixed species that establish and re-connect well functioning native ecosystems
  • revegetate the landscape to improve connections between remnant native vegetation across public and private lands, particularly in the fragmented rural, coast and peri-urban landscapes of south eastern and south western Australia and Tasmania
  • restore native habitats in largely intact landscapes in northern Australia and/or on the rangelands, as well as those in peri-urban and coastal catchments in any part of Australia
  • enhance the condition of native vegetation adjacent to existing key assets such as World Heritage Areas, Ramsar sites or protected areas in the National Reserve System
  • establish and restore native wetland and waterway habitats, particularly on already cleared lands or lands predominately occupied by non-native vegetation
  • reduce the impacts of invasive species across connected landscapes.