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Kata yang paling sering di-google

October 14, 2008 iip albanjary 16

What’s the most googled words in your country? Di Amerika, nama calon kandidat presiden dan wakilnya ternyata menduduki peringkat atas. “Barack Obama’ sampai ‘Sarah Palin’ tampaknya menjadi perhatian masyarakat Amerika. […]

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Ecozoic Era

September 22, 2008 iip albanjary 1

“..some indication that the universe is for us rather than against us.” This term I found in Thomas Berry’s book of Great Work. Thomas Berry is a historian of cultures, comes […]

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White-yellow flower

September 1, 2008 iip albanjary 1

Neither anthurium nor orchid, I found this flower in a guava’s field of Sukaluyu village. The village located in near national park of Halimun, about an hour from Bogor city. […]