Avatar DVD Movie in Blu-ray

Avatar movie now in blu-ray DVD.avatar-dvd-movie-blu-ray

Known as the latest exploitative movie on natural resources, Avatar movie presents how super-power country’s greed works in traditional, indigenous area. Now the movie are in blu-ray DVD and it will be released on 22 April 2010. Avatar movie tops at movie sales in several online stores. Some online stores are preparing for the Avatar blu-ray DVD movie.

You can order Avatar blue-ray DVD movie at Amazon or CD Universe.


CD Universe the Avatar DVD movie price as 22.19 USD, while in Amazon you can get the Avatar DVD movie as 24.99 USD $15.99 (DVD) and $19.99 (two disc blu-ray/DVD combo).

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    Dear James francis Cameron
    I think it is better to write the true things and it is better to look a little to around of you, with making the Avatar film, nothing changed in the world no problems solving, you just get money and get the first place and win, and now you have started again, the imagination films does not change any thing, it is better to be a little realistic and write the truth , try to get present and win with realistic, with making the avatar 2 , non gay hungry will get full, America Government must give you money to you could make the films, (big moneys ), so what does must do the once who need America Government’s help, at sure you will get more prices again,
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  • Wire Gauge :

    i would love to watch dvd movies all day and all night long-,`

  • Cassy

    This movie is absolutely amazing on Blu-Ray!! If you haven’t seen in on blu-ray, you haven’t really seen it.

  • I really like avatar the movie, the special effects really make everything so real salute to James Cameron.

  • dvd rental by mail

    I still haven’t seen the movie:( I think im going to buy blu-ray player and also avatar:)

  • I think this movie is based on true story which is inspired by old time story about what had happened to the Indian also Aborigin.
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  • Blue Ray seems to be a ver nice format which offers high qualitiy at home. But it is still expenisve at the moment. But in the next years it should be cheap enough for everyone. I will like it to see films with that high quality :D.

  • Maybell Gene

    I love the Avatar 3D film, especially the story line, not solely it brings a totally new feelings however eye opening ideas of humanity. I heard the New Avatar 2 is comming soon, can’t wait to watch it again…!

  • this movie was great, i can’t imagine all the people that will be buying this today.