Avoided deforestation: most favorite project of forest carbon offset

A recent survey of forest carbon offsetting reveals that most buyers rated positive on the projects of avoided deforestation and ecological reforestation.  It about 90% of respondents consider these to be highly desirable or desirable.

The survey was involved 141 corporate participants throughout the world. They are participated in the carbon market during February 2009 and also purchased about 2.7 million carbon credits in 2008–including 850,000 offset from forestry sector. The survey conducted four organization including Ecosecurities, Conservation International,The Climate Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) and ClimateBiz.

The participants of the survey rated highest on community and environmental benefits generated from forestry projects as main motivators for purchasing forestry offsets (88%). Meanwhile, about 77% of  participants agree or strongly agree on the motivators of the scale of the deforestation and climate change problem. Looking for the area preferred by participants for forestry carbon offsets, about 78% participants see that South America were considered attractive.  Africa and Southeast Asia positively rated 71% and 69% respectively.

Why people and business entities should pay more attentions on avoided deforestation?  I try to wrap it here:

  • A data of carbon emission  in 2000 shows that deforestation only have contribute 20% of  human emission.  Although this figure claimed uncertain by some parties, more institutions still usavoided-deforestatione it.  What actually the current status?
  • Maintaining forest to reduce climate change problems is must. But, governments and international communities must address adaption efforts since climate also changes forest productivity and thus exacerbate greenhouse effects.
  • Avoided deforestation is not included in current carbon mechanisms

More countries have agreed on the issues and they will decide new climate treaty on December 2009 in Denmark, although there is no agreement  how  to put  a price.

Pics: Book cover of  “Avoided Deforestation: Prospects for Mitigating Climate Change (Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics) by Charles Palmer & Stefanie Engel

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