Back Up Software for Windows 10

best backup software for winds 10

Looking for best back up software for your Windows 10 personal computer?  I recommend Handy Backup!

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Handy Backup developer just announced that its software is compatible with Windows 10. Working on the latest Microsoft OS, Handy Backup “retains stability, effectiveness and functionality at full scale”

best backup software for winds 10Handy Backup developer says in pers release, “provides much more flexibility and control over backing up and restoring any data than Windows 10 built-in backup”. So, even the OS has built-in backup and recovery feature, installing Handy Backup will add more value for user.

Handy Backup Features:

  • Any file or folder, selected by user action or through a mask of name;
  • Database under any DBMS existed, including MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and IBM DB2;
  • Windows libraries, i.e. “Documents”, “Pictures”, “Downloads” and other;
  • Drive image, including bootable and unbootable (data) images;
  • Virtual machine arrays and servers, for just any type of VM exists;
  • Registry and other Windows files and directories;
  • Remote data from any Windows-based and some Linux computers (network editions).

Learn more Handy Backup here.