Behavioral targeting-how it works

Update your database and listen to the crowd. There are changes, new people behaviours that affect your future business deal.

And how we can improve our business, finding new business ideas, create smarter ways to increase sales by following the changes in a public zone?

They calls behavioral targeting, a method to improve the effectiveness of a product campaigns.  This technique uses information collected from internet users, through the browser activity while connected to the internet. A page you visited, keywords you googled are some input for the behavioral targeting system.

This input is used to develop user profile, help the system to deliver unique advertisement.  Lauren Drell in Mashable spoke with three experts in the field of behavioral targeting and reveal the ways behavioral targeting works.

Here how the behavioral targeting changes the web (and our internet experience):

  • Your Internet Experience Will Be More About You
  • The Web Could Change Its Appearance For You
  • It Will View You as a Multi-Dimensional Person With Many Interests
  • It’s Tapping into Social and Mobile


Drell explored each of points. She also noted that the tehcnique will works effectively if someone uses private computer, not shared computer. Can you imagine if a shared computer used by a father who likes to read political and soccer news, and her doughter prefers to search Justin Bieber videos and photos?  What kind of ads appeared while the boy googling about the new playstation?

Behaviour targeting seems effective, but the technique should find the better methods that working properly on shared or public computer.

“In short, behavioral targeting is not perfect, but it has immense potential to change the way we consume and search for information”, says Drell.

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