Best augmented reality apps for android

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A recent review lists best augmented reality (AR) apps for android. AR technology could be new for some, but  I see there’s big opportunity in coming years; and many business –even start-up take on board on this tech. No wonder, currently wearable device are become the most-waited products ever.

Seeing the best AR apps for android, it looks that AR apps brings the real world to the most recent mobile technology. Technewsworld categorizes AR technology into two genre: geolocation and vision-based AR.

Interested in developing AR apps? See what metaio SDK offers here (basic licence for 2-D tracking).

According to Technewsworld, geolocation AR  uses built-in hardware sensors and phone features like the compass and GPS chip to create a heads-up display. While a vision-based AR, which visually shows digitally created objects in context with real objects. Think visualizing a virtual new piece of furniture in an existing living room.

ar apps for android Here the best AR apps for android. All of them are free, downloadable at Google’s Play Store:

  • Wikitude
  • iOnRoad Augmented Driving Lite
  • Augment – 3D Augmented Reality
  • Satellite AR
  • Layar