Best idea for 2011 business in popular technology

Businessmen acknowledge how the technology advance has changed our life. They come at right time, no matter when the new technology discovered. Scientists could invent anything but businessman will find how the technology benefiting people.

Touch screen technology has been invented decades ago but meet it momentum in recent years. The technology find it convinient place at tablet computer and smart phone.  Touch screen technology is one of the popular technologies used in most recent appliances.How about wireless technology? Can the technology meet its momentum in 2011? Can wireless technology attached within attractive product?

As the idea for 2011 prospective business, wireless technology may bring lucky for the appliance provider. In computer and network industry, the technology has been used widely. It has brought significant changes on how people connect and socialize.

The hard challenges may experienced by the conventional power and battery business. The CES 2011 has exhibited how wireless power technology could be run on automotive product, an electric car. The technology namely eCoupled, is created by Fulton Innovation. It can charge portable devices without conventional power cords. eCoupled also provides wireless power management to any applicable furniture surface.

Wireless power technology is still fresh and it’s open to develop combined with other appliance such laptop, cell phones, digital camera. It offers simplicity; practical solution and efficient.No wonder that the eCoupled wireless tehcnology has been awarded as Best Eco Invention 2010 and 10 Ten Product choosen by people in 2010.

So, will the power wireless technology business as the best business idea for 2011 and coming years?