Biodiesel business outlook

If you’re interested to start business on biofuel or biodiesel, then you may read the new outlook of world biodiesel market 2011.

I suggest to read the business outlook carefully as read the recent relevant research publication as well.

The report titled titled Biodiesel World Market Outlook 2011 predicts technological developments could see biodiesel generate up to $70 billion in the coming years. This number is amazing and maybe it’s time to digg more how the biodiesel business work on your country.

Let see from previous research saying

aside from sugar cane based ethanol in Brazil, biofuels are not presently competitive without substantial government support if oil prices are below US$70 per barrel. More than half of the production cost of biodiesel are rely on feedstock price, thus feedstock price reduction will decrease the biofuel production

However, the Biodiesel World Market Outlook says that worldwide the biodiesel market made more than $18 billion (€12.3 billion) in 2010. The annual report analyses national, regional and global markets for biodiesel.

The Biodiesel World Market Outlook sees that research conducted into feedstocks such as algae, waste oils and jatropha are thought to be a considerable driver in biodiesel growth.

Other publication on the economic of second-generation of biodiesel argues

the cost of biodiesel produced from microalgae, a prospective feedstock, is many times higher than the current price of diesel. The authors’ recommed policy instruments for increasing biofuels use, such as fiscal incentives, should be based on the relative merits of different types of biofuels.

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