Business ideas for 2011

In emerging countries such Indonesia, natural resources become significant role on developing the economy. Indonesia has abundant resource on coal, forest products, oil palm plantations and others. The latest survey on wealthiest people in Indonesia comes up with a list of businessman from various industries, but the top richest are dominated by oil palm business and coal mining.

Some industries are backing up behind the wealthiest people. They are cigarettes maker, bank and finance, retail, polyesters manufacture and cement industries. According to Forbes, sixteen of the 21 billionaires made their fortunes in coal or palm oil.

The shinny industries, delivering its owners to the top wealthies could inspire us to move better in 2011. Here my subjective prespectives on 2011 business idea:

  • World are narrower because of internet. More countries and regions are connecting creating open society throughtout the world. Inspiring business aligned with this era is about creative industries, content-focus developers as well as information and network infrastructure.  Many organizations will utilize tele conference, meeting and more attractive features. They need network systems developers, video and gadget specialists and its supporting services, such business intelligence tools that can be accessed by all offices in all continentals.
  • Its general pattern happened in all regions where population keeps increase along with the growing economy —urban lifestyle business. Urban areas will grow every year not only phisycally but the urban dweller’s lifestyle. How to find urban business niche? You need to understand the urban area characteristics that ranging from the population compositions, government development plan and cultures. My previous note highlited that urban lifestyle can be assessed, at least, by their food and beverage and common health risks. In line with that, you’ll note that urban business exists to provide the people’s need.  Take a sample of a gym facility that running in the centre of the city, near office building or the apartments. For the sake of values added, an urban businessman could increase its online visibility, providing support accessories such best running shoes or alternative workout methods such resistance bands.
  • Forecast in good countries for business. Take a while on business-related survey conducted by international organization. There are available list on how the countries combating corruptions and Doing business 2011–a list showing how countries facilitate business owner to start and running their business. Assess it and find the suitable places.

And maybe you need to read this book, enriching business insight in 2011. The following book has been acknowledged as the best selling book on business management.

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