Business ideas 2012: Data protection service on business mobile device

READING a business analysis predicting how the 2012 business, one of the upcoming or growing business is about data protection of notebooks in business entities. This prediction could lead to new prospective business idea on data protection service for business class.

Is the data protection business a profitable, feasible or need to be tested? Let analyze the prediction and its business idea with current trends.

2012 business idea data security mobile device

First, there’s fact that mobile device sale grows quickly. The sales include e-reader, tablet computer, wider-display smartphone or android devices. Some manufactures have released and it will release again the new version (such Kindle Fire 2, iPad 3). Some new players also brave to play at the 2012 war tablet, including Google.

I see that customers will experience various situation with new device, that lead to the security needs. For the business organization, using tablet computer for their business vital activities is must, to adopt security and protection protocol, infrastructures and systems.

Second, the growing data from the users itself. How many GB your hard-disk today? Currently, computer users are managing (include creating) more data than several years ago. In next years, there will be more data stored, followed by the demand on bigger storage device. Flash technology could be not enough.

Protecting big data has become new challenge for the application developer. The further business is about to secure big data on mobile device. That’s cool!