Business ideas 2012

There’re some ideas for 2012 business. Perhaps it not the best business ideas, or the smartest business idea for 2012, but I try to create opportunities of sharing, thus expecting further related and expanding ideas.

Previously, I note about digital content that receiving good responses from the market at the end of last year. For the following years, include a period from 2012 to  2015 we may take more attention to mobile device business.

At the side of hardware, there will be more mobile device released fro many vendors. Kindle fire is only a good sample from Amazon who turn its e-reader to open source system, android-based. The new mobile device will need the creation the some products or services to meet the following demand on mobile payment, mobile internet and others home electronics integration.

Producing devices that combine various function are smart ideas also. You may control your HDTV, LCD televisions with your smartphone? See the security videos at your home while you on overseas travel? If the device is too heavy in terms of capital, then creating the apps is smartest way of 2012 business ideas.

Speaking of the apps, create mobile security apps for tablet computers is an excellent ideas. All of us can be independent developers who create, test, and sell it through the available channel such Android Market.

best business ideas 2012

So, is there any smart business ideas for 2012? Yes, I’m sure there are many best business ideas out theres!