Can forests serve as cost-efficient carbon sink?

tree farming

It’s proved that forest can absorb carbon from atmosphere. But, can it run in a cost-efficient way? A Sweden scientists has explored it.

The scientist trying to answer question whether forest sequestration is worth increasing at the expense of bioenergy and forest products to achieve EU’s emission reduction target to 2050 cost-effectively.

According to Miriam Munnich Vass from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the assessment is based on numerical calculations using a dynamic, partial equilibrium model of cost-effective solutions, where three abatement methods in the forest sector are included together with abatement in the fossil fuel sector.

“The results show that forest sequestration in standing biomass is cost-effective compared to bioenergy,” says Miriam. When sequestration is taken into account, net present costs for meeting EU carbon targets can be reduced by 18%. It suggest that forests can serve as a cost-efficient carbon sink over the considered time period.

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