Long time no blog

It has been long time I left this blog untouched. No blog no cry ???? Many people believe that live is getting faster. Their finger point to social media era, where people can raise sympathy…

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best business ideas 2012

Mobile blogging experience

Mobile device users are raising. So your experience in reading news, watching movie and also blogging. I’m trying with blackberry to blog at self hosted wordpress. It’s nice and really fun. You should try it…

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6 useful resources for WordPress users

Blogging is about an art of managing resources based on creative ideas. This simple term will find its place where the world is flattened by cutting edge information technologies. In this world, all resources are…

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Attractive contests

Getting involved in contest is fun.  I notice some contests that you may participate it which is easy and it takes only little time. If you lucky, you could win interesting prizes such cash, free…

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Blogging contest

A new year blogging contest is being conducted by young Indonesian blogger, Indrameissa. I’ve noticed, this is one cheapest way of various back link building.  Instead of submitting to paid-engine  to increase popularity, bloggers prefer…