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Vote “Nothing Wasted” in BBC World Challenge 2009

“Nothing Wasted” enables people to compost organic waste from traditional markets. “Nothing Wasted” aims to convert waste produced from traditional market to be affordable high quality fertilizer for farmers. Everyday, traditional markets in Indonesia produces…

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World’s changes in fascinating animation of statistics

My understanding on world’s changes has been enriched by Gapminder who provides fascinating animation of  various facts. Gapminder presents the facts with animated bubble reflecting time series numbers such world’s population, world’s oil reserve, familiy…

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Kata yang paling sering di-google

What’s the most googled words in your country? Di Amerika, nama calon kandidat presiden dan wakilnya ternyata menduduki peringkat atas. “Barack Obama’ sampai ‘Sarah Palin’ tampaknya menjadi perhatian masyarakat Amerika. Maklum, sebentar lagi mereka akan…