Black Friday 2016 Deals

Here the week of Black Friday 2016 to come. Let’s see the most attractive deals of the year! As you aware the general rule, that the latest product releasing will make the older version to…

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Long time no blog

It has been long time I left this blog untouched. No blog no cry ???? Many people believe that live is getting faster. Their finger point to social media era, where people can raise sympathy…


Most Healthiest U.S. Cities 2015

A good list on healthies citiesĀ in United States has been issued. We must apreciate people who developed this list by compiling various relevant factors so we can easy to find helathiest city in the world….


More fish to eat

An interesting data revealed by FAO recently. It’s about how much people in a country eat fish in a year. I wonder that Maldives people eat fish 10 times more than world’s average consumption! The…