top countries 2014

Biggest economies in the world

A latest report released by World Bank suggests new figure on biggest economy in the world. It also shows how six largest middle income economies account for 32.3 percent of world GDP: China, India, Russia,…


Riau Haze welcomes Earth Hour 2014

Haze in Riau, Indonesia has increased to dangerous level as global movement of Earth Hour will conducted in next few days. ┬áThis year, Earth Hour is raising fund for environmental program in Indonesia and Madagascar….

Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution

Russell Gold’s on Fracking impacts

Russell Gold book takes a sophisticated-technology term for general audience or at least for everyone like to discuss economy and environment. Yet, fracking technology learned at engineering class only. The Boom: How Fracking Ignited the…


How REDD+ mechanism will save the forests

How international finance mechanism can halted deforestation? A research was done by Edward Barbier and Anteneh Tesfaw and concluded that potential success or failure of REDD+ as a means to reduce deforestation and carbon emission…