Celebrating the connection between people and forests

A recent FAO publication highlights the link between people and forests. State of the World’s Forests report launched at the opening ceremony of the UN International Year of Forest 2011 in New York.

The publication connects recent global forest status, climate change issues and forest dependent-people. It is saying that millions of forest-dependant people play a vital role in managing, conserving, and developing the world’s forests in a sustainable manner, but the outside world often underestimates their rights to use and benefit from local forest resources

So, what the most-recent situation of world’s forest? The report provides numbers, charts for globally and by region. I extracted some interesting points in relate to forest industry and REDD.

Forest industry faces unique future demand as well as forming “greener” economy that supported by developed countries.

Many governments believe that the forest industry has great potential in promoting a “greener economy” including through the use of bioenergy, wood promotion activities, and new wood based products and biomaterials and many developed countries have increased their support for the development of forest industries over the last few years.

Protecting the values of forest is needed because of climate change. To do this, leglisation to clarify carbon rights will ensure equitable distribution of costs and benefits from REDD+ schemes

The close links between forests, rural livelihoods and environmental stability underline the need for substantial financial support for forest adaptation measures. Without such attention given to local-level issues, there is a risk of eroding traditional ways of life and threatening some of the most biologically diverse and environmentally important forests in the world,” the report stated.

My note: The report explains complete situation, but some data need to be updated. It is nice to read 2011 report with 2010 data, not 2008 or older.