Chart takes attentions

Chart has been used to explain matters more easily.  Adding charts in documents, reports or even website could attract more attentions.  Excel 2007 has more styles and features to make up the chart. Below are several things to do so your chart become attractive:

  1. Choose appropriate chart type for appropriate data. Not all data fit to the bar chart, as well as pie chart.  Data contains share or contribution may fit to pie chart type.  Both line and bar chart are often used for time series data. Wrong chart could bring wrong interpretation.
  2. After choose the right chart, try to add special effect such 3D, shadow, soft edge etc
  3. Pay attention to the fill and outline of the chart. An eye catching chart is good looking in color combination. Black background could focusing the white bar or the thin line of the chart
  4. Put the title, legend and the number in appropriate location and size.  Just explore in design tab of the Ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2007 and we can easily find various combination.  Consider with your document style.
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