ChipIn helps you collecting money

Internet keeps growing with innovative services making our earth better. So, if you and your organization has a plan on Earth Day 2009 you may use online fund raising services ChipIn. The services will help the users by simplify the process quick, easy and secure.

What I most like , the services is dedicated for non profit activities. ChipIn also provides organizers with numerous ways to get the word out about your event. How it works?

First, you must create an account in Chipin. They will ask you four simple matters: about the purpose of your ChipIn, how much money you need to collect, the time it will end and the way you will collect the money.

Image representing ChipIn as depicted in Crunc...

Chipin will create a widget –flash aplication showing the details of your ChipIn. The code of widget can be embeded on popular services, blog, social network an others. MySpace, Typepad, blogger and Netvibes are some services where it can works.

 Many activities could be helped by this online global fund raising services.  From Earth day 2009 celebration to  donation for fighting hunger in Africa.  This is what they call as think globally, act locally : Raise your support globally and act it in nearest needy place.

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