Climate change effect on drought

A recent prove of climate change effect has been revealed by experts, who explaining a link connecting rising level of greenhouse gases with a decline in rainfall.  It has confirmed that the drought is not just a natural dry stretch but a shift related to climate change. How did experts prove the link? Sunday Morning Herald writes:

last year, the scientists ran simulations with only the ”natural” influences on

temperature, such as differing levels of solar activity. The model results showed no intensification of the subtropical ridge and no decline in rainfall. As the greenhouse gases added in the atmosphere, the model mimicked what has been seen in south-east Australia: strengthening high pressure systems and the significant loss of rain.

This finding emphasizing a recent climate change report published by ADB. It urges policymakers to take some actions including investing more resources in climate adaptation.  Southeast Asia region is predicted to experience more suffer in the coming years, because of climate change.

Another finding saying about the impact of climate change on forests. It says forests may exacerbate greenhouse effects as it releasable a huge carbon on atmosphere. If adaption is neglected, then we may come into an era of shortage on food and energy.