Climategate: even skeptics win, deforestation still happen

Climategate could be the hottest climate debate which will undermine the global effort of earth cooling. Climate skeptics may not believe on man-made global warming, thus buzzing scientist’s hacked email emphasizing the poor quality of scientific works that was done. Will Climategate attract more politicians, activists and campaigners in the Copenhagen meeting?

Wait, climategate is  in the centre of climate science, not on the area where greenhouse gasses are released: Sumatran forests. Recent news is coming from the green movement to stop deforestation from paper industry. They have been campaigning for years, resulting more paper consumers leaving papers from unsustainable forest.  Here some consumers from fashion industry that declaring it self not to use paper product from unsustainable forest of Indonesia –especially in the island where peatland forests restoring huge carbon:

  • PAK 2000
  • Tiffany & Co.,
  • H&M Group,
  • Gucci
  • Ferragamo
  • Staples,
  • Wal-Mart,
  • Office Depot, and
  • Woolworths

According to top climate scientists group, deforestation has contribute about 20% of total GHG emission. In sumatra island there is a large pulp & paper company producing about 2 million tons of pulp each year. The company operates plants in Indonesia and sells to clients in more than 60 countries throughout the world.

I really wonder on the opinion of skeptics about deforestation. Do they really care?