ClimateLab: a wiki site of climate change issues

Wiki technology enables people to develop knowledge sharing system. If it managed properly, wiki technology could develop a credible sources that always check and recheck by relevant experts from any institution with different perspectives.

I note that the power of  wiki is the openness, it availability for people to share and confirm with others. However, it also addresses variance of data sources.  Someone could become contributor if he has sources, experiences or authority.  So called organization and university are important sources in a high level science issue such climate change.

I see ClimateLab has critical position amidst the growing issue of climate change.

As it says, Climate Lab wiki has several benefits for it parcipants:

  • An opportunity for local communities and the general public to contribute and share climate changed-related information with a global audience
  • A means for experts, policymakers and regulators to learn about new technologies, perspectives and solutions at all stages of development
  • A climate change information management system for NGOs, multi-lateral development banks and governmental agencies
  • An exciting teaching tool for professors and educators to use with students at the high school, college and post-graduate levels
  • A resource for clean energy businesses to educate their clients and identify opportunities
  • Virtual space to post academic research, data, and other climate change information

ClimateLab was launched in March 2, 2009 and it still beta version right now. The developer is a non-profit organization based in Washington DC. My impression of this wiki site, is about the progress. I wonder where I can found the number of pages created since it launched. The pages are simplest means to measure how a wiki site are growing.

Imagine if the wiki site could develop more networks with UN organizations, research istitutes and government funded projects. There are plenty sources of climate change research and policies.

ClimateLab is online resources that  make our earth better. More relevant parties participated, more resources accumulated.

Good luck!

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