Deforestation, biofuel and agrarian reform

Today deforestation always linked to some issues : biofuel demand, settlement development and agrarian reform. A recent news from Brazil informs causes of deforestation in Amazon forest region is linked to agrarian reform implemented by government.

In Indonesia,most deforestation are linked to agriculture expansion and settlement development. In recent years, tropical forests also threatened by the expansion of oil palm plantation as world’s demand on biofuel is raising. In fact, oil palm plantation are built close to forests areas or degraded forest areas. Government of Indonesia has reserving some forests areas called conversion forests to be converted to other land uses including plantation.

Now, more countries are moving up to halting deforestation using global mechanism called REDD (Reducing Emissions from deforestation and degradation). Although the mechanism is still testing in some places, the mechanism has potential advances to limiting the impact of deforestation on climate change. Deforestation is known as a significant contributor of carbon emission.