World Diabetes Day 2012

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American Diabetes Wholesale

This month, US govt sounds the National Diabetes Month (NDM). Just like to increase public awareness on online security last month, I see an opportunity to improve public understanding on diabetes, its risks, how it happen, how to deal with. Or some of you search diabetic supplies discount that offered by health vendors?

At this month, we also hear about World Diabetes Day 2012 on 14 November 2012.

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Realizing this moment, It’s okay to provide additional benefit for diabetic to get diabetic supplies at discount prices. See what offered by ADW here (coupon code: WDD5OFF for 5% OFF all orders).

ADW is one of popular health vendors providing diabetic supplies.

Change to live well

The US Health Dept (NDEP) provides useful resources for us about diabetes. See what they promotes on how to make a change to live well. There are available tools to make a plan on how to realize the change.

The tools are set from eat, activities, weight management, avoid complication, the medicine, not smoking, and of course to check the blood glucose. See here.

Facts about diabetes: video