Every day, more viruses created and spread throughout the world. Infecting computers and its operating system, application and reducing our productivity. In recent incidents, cyber virus has reached off-line computer that controlling vital facilities such nuclear power plant or system managing water, oil and gas pipelines. It spread through infected movable storage such flash disk. When the flash disk connected to server, then the virus entering the system, take control to infect another connected computer.

Here some related article about computer security, include antivirus:

There are many developer provide antivirus application. Some of them very sophisticated and costly. Other provide in less expensive version, but still powerfull.

I note some antivirus application made by Indonesian. Their free trials are always updated regularly leading to protect most recent threats.  PCMAV and Smadav are on the top list of powerful antivirus.

Below are some free application, download-able and easy to use for combating the spreading viruses.

Good luck!

  1. Smadav
  2. PCMAV ver 1.93
  3. PCMAV ver 1.92
  4. PCMAV build 5
  5. PCMAV ver 1.9
  6. Antivir for workstation
  7. PCMAV ver 1.8