Amazon sweepstakes and Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire, the newest Amazon product has sold been 250, 000 units! Kindle Fire is new threat  for any tablet such RIM Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab or even iPad!

If you have no chance to buy Kindle Fire right now, you may wait the sweepstakes. Hope the Kindle Fire will be listed into next sweepstakes as Amazon did to Toshiba Laptop in 2009. Amazon Kindle Fire

I remember  prior Earth Day celebration in 2009, Amazon launched “green sweepstakes”. At that time, Amazon provided  two ENERGY STAR-qualified powerhouses: a Toshiba laptop and a Brother printer for five first-place winners. For fifteen second place winners, Amazon will give the Brothers printer. 

In coming year, more environmental activists and organizations engaging the event with specific theme. Blogger Units connects with Earth Day Network on culminating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day in 2010. Earth day  2009 will promote green generation’s core principles to reduce fossil power in household consumption.  People are urge to use windmills as renewable energy for future generation.

Btw, there are Earth day saving for some products like toys, households and baby brands:

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