Easy way to rip DVD

The growing of big data has create demand on huge capacity of storage infrastructure and storage optimization  methods. SSD and cloud storage are recent popular options to address the problems related to growing data. However, each of the options needs investment and higher costs.

Another options to face the growing of big data are conversion methods. This method saves the space of storage by reducing big files or converting huge file type to smaller file type. Video, audio and other graphics files are target of this methods. DVD ripping are one of the most popular conversion method recently used by video users.
dvd-ripper-ultimate7-for-mac-1 DVD ripping become more popular along with new softwares from various developer exist in the market. Users can now easy to select which software  of DVD ripping they like. I’d like put ImToo DVD Ripper as one of cool software for DVD ripping. The software is so popular because it can rip DVDs into almost video and audio formats; from MP4,VAI, MPEG,DivX, FLV for video format and MP3, AC, M4V, OGG for audi format files.

The converted format can be played in various gadgets and players:  iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, BlackBerry, iRiver PMP, Windows Mobile phone, Xbox and mobile phones. ImToo DVD Ripper for Mac also available.

Now, DVD ripping isn’t only about how to cope with the big data. It provide more personal fun since its feature gives possibility to explore more interesting features.  ImToo DVD Ripper supports rip into HD version, clipping, merging  and splitting videos.

The software enable to crop movie images and applying artistic effect. Users will benefit the speed of the software and enjoying the new features added like profiles for blackberry, web and android. Cool!