Ecozoic Era

“..some indication that the universe is for us rather than against us.” This term I found in Thomas Berry’s book of Great Work. Thomas Berry is a historian of cultures, comes to from the hill country of the Southern Appalachians. He was born in the beginning of the First World War.

Ecozoic Era, as Berry’s says, refer to the period when humans will present to the planet as participating members of comprehensive Earth community. To reach that era, humans need to manage arduous transition. And he called this effort as Great Work.

Berry describes the Ecozoic Era will emergent after Cenozoic Era terminated. Cenozoic era is period of life development on the earth. At the moment, Cenozoic era is declining as the earth is so damaged and the future so challenged by its human population that the terms of survival will be severe beyond anything known in the past.

At the last page, Berry pints out the foundations of the new historical period. We have foundations of Ecozoic Era that have been established in every realm of human affairs. But, even humans make transition into the new century we must note that moments of grace are transient moment. The transformation must take place within in brief period.


Berry gives us many insights. He urges us to rethinking our roles on the earth. After our world experienced several eras, the Cenozoic Era is very interesting. Although the earth have been exploited by cutting the forest, damming the rivers it has also been adorned by the pyramid in Egypt, Great Wall of China and great temple Borobudur of Indonesia. These are even human achievements.

One of the human achievements that Berry doesn’t talk is global warming. All of us must receive the impact of our work in the past and unfair policy. It might be a proud that human reach a great period of business, sciences and immense infrastructures. Meanwhile in another side of the world, people get starving because their crops are collapsed either by long drought or flood. What a poor world…~

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