Exploring the relation between development and CO2 emissions

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Development has been discussed for years, seeking the best way to a welfare level. The achievement to a welfare therefore should considering how our earth providing its resource, as well as coping with recent climate change effect. Here a macro-analysis, cross-countries paper explaining relationship on carbon-dioxide emission and income.

According to the author, Mazzanti, the application of intervention analysis to the framework of Environmental Kuznets curves shows that time related effects have been predominantly relevant in explaining the eventual occurrence of `bell shaped curves’ with significant turning points.

“The second oil shock in the 80’s and the 1992 Rio convention are among the major underlying causes of temporal breaks, ” says Mazzanti. Thus, environmental policy can exert long run beneficial shocks to the energy-economic system. Evidence provides food for thought for the post Kyoto era policy making, just after the Rio+20 step.

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