Energy companies dominate top largest companies at NYSE

I posted a list of world’s biggest companies ranked by Forbes.  In that post I highlighted on the domination of energy companies in the top 15. Forbes ranked 2000 companies accros countries, varies from banking and finance industry, retail to telecommunication.

The list of  2009 world’s biggest companies is fair enough to describe state of the art of current world’s business. Most of them are multinational companies and managing high value of natural resources economy. If such business fueling world’s economy, so with the fossil energy.

A list of top largest companies at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) comfirms domination:

  1. Exxon Mobile Corp.                   XOM 346.5
  2. Wal-Mart Stores Inc                  WMT    206.8
  3. China Mobile Ltd.                       CHL      180.6
  4. PetroChina Company Ltd        PTR      155.5
  5. AT&T Inc                                        T            153.2
  6. Johnson&Johnson Inc              JNJ      146.2
  7. Royal Dutch Shell plc                RDS.A  143.6
  8. Petroleo Brasileiro SA              PBR       142.6
  9. The Proctor&Gamble Co.        PG          142.4
  10. Chevron Corp.                             CVX       138.1

Above list represents global market capitalization as of March 27, 2009.

Seeking Alpha notes on the list:

Even with the price of crude falling to much lower levels than the $140 we saw last year, the global companies still command a huge premium and have seen their shares rise year over year in the past 5 years…

The presence of these energy companies at the top shows their importance for the global economy and the potential for future growth.

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