Most Entertaining Company Outing Ideas That Will Boost Morale

If you run a company or at least are in charge of the company outings, you know it can be tough to keep morale up . Morale is extremely important, though, because happy employs who are friends and get along are more productive employees. But it’s hard to know what to do to keep morale up. You need a great activity that can really keep your employees feeling appreciated and happy. You might feel stumped for ideas of what you can do, so maybe take one of these ideas that you can use to keep those employees being happily employed. These are great entertaining company outing ideas that will boost morale.

1. Take Everyone to an Amusement Park
AvonRents-2-1Instead of just getting together at a park for a BBQ or something lame like that, try to take everyone to an amusement park where everyone can let loose and have some awesome fun. Encourage folks to ride in the car for the roller coasters with people they don’t always get to see or hang out with in the office. There are lots of options for rental trucks Los Angeles can offer, so find one like and get everyone loaded up in a passenger van and spend the day up in the skies amusement park riding all day long. It’s a thrill that will last for the whole rest of the year, that fun of being shown that you appreciate the employees by doing something actually fun.

2. Community Service Activity
AvonRents-2-2Another great way to do a company outing is to have there be a worthy cause that you’re all working toward. It’s a great opportunity to get out of the office, build morale, and even give back to the community. You can find tons of organizations around your city but if you find one that needs a good dose of man power, a work force that your entire office can provide, then you can really do a good thing for everyone. Sometimes charitable corporations that use the great outdoors are in need of landscaping, or removal of large amounts of shrubbery, or that kind of thing. Get everyone to bring in their gardening supplies from home, and meet at the organization, and do good while getting outside in the fresh air.

3. Improve Comedy Workshop
AvonRents-2-3Chances are most people in your office do not consider themselves comedians or actors. And that’s perfect for doing an all-day improv comedy workshop. Folks will resist at first, but if you encourage them to put their self-consciousness aside and give in to the fun, there will be a great chance for laughter and camaraderie. You can hire improv coaches for the day, and they’ll walk everyone through the basics of successful and hilarious improv comedy. Everyone will laugh and even spend the next few weeks recalling the particularly funny moments that arose. It may even become an annual tradition because of how fun it can be for everyone.