Fly with biofuel-powered plane

Biofuel business gets new supporters from air plane industry. More planes will fly using biofuel. A UK airline, Thomson Airways plans to use biofuel  made from cooking oil on a trial flight to Spain.

As sustainable biofuels become more commercially viable, Thomson Airways plans to expand its use of sustainable biofuels across its fleet over the next three years.

Thomson Airways is owned by Thomson’s parent company Tui Travel, the German tour operating giant that owns the Thomson and First Choice brands plus many others.  The airline already operates one of the highest load factors in the UK industry and therefore makes the most efficient use of its fleet and of the airport slots made available to it.

The airline also operates with an emission rate of 75g CO2 per passenger kilometre flown, significantly lower than average emission rates for both low cost and full service scheduled carriers.

According to Thomson Airways, after the trial and government approvals, it plans weekly biofuel-powered flights to Spain in September for one year. The flights will operate on a 50/50 blend of Jet A1 fuel and hydro-processed esters and fatty acids (HEFA) fuel.

“Sustainability is key to this investment. Sustainable biofuels offer us the opportunity to improve our own individual environmental performance as well as contributing to the UK’s carbon reduction target, ” said Chris Browne, Thomson Airways Managing Director.

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