Forest ecosystem in changing climate

Forest ecosystem refers to forested area with its interaction within. Interaction within the forest ecosystem involves various wildlife agents, such tree, animal, and microorganism. Each agent plays its role to make the interaction works and creating function of forest.

Now people manage their earth by leaving some forest ecosystem remains work in some places and destroying other forest ecosystem in different places. Indonesia is attempting to protect some parts of tropical forest by issuing policy on carbon emission reduction. This effort is aligned with some NGO’s agenda in promoting bio-right financial mechanism, pro-climate site, carbon market development in China.

Protecting forest ecosystem is a part of climate mitigation and this effort really need investment from developed countries. The investment on climate mitigation will help reducing risks from disaster and other climate change effects. However the international climate investment is a type cross-country cooperation that requires support from wider platform such new deal on global green. The investment is expected to protect forest ecosystem and create more forestry jobs.