Fueling forest for food

Debating biofuel as promising commodity has been months. Some scientits argued that biofuel is not eco-friendly as alternative fuel. Inline with this, recent news of BBC talks about doubt of leaders on biofuel development.

The leaders are Bolivian President Evo Morales and President Alan Garcia of Peru. They warned biofuel development could harmed poor people. In the other hand, UK Prime Minister said that “UK should be more selective in our support for biofuel”

Biofuel development threats forest in tropical area, such Indonesia. Studies link oil palm plantation expansion with deforestation. In fact, it happened in Sumatra and Kalimantan mineral soil, as well as the peat soil. However, producing biodiesel from unsustainable oil palm plantation is unfavorable.

Even biofuel crops such jatropha could planted in marginal land, there’s another force on food security. Yeah, right, it’s about price. Recently food commodities price comes higher and higher. It’s not only maize that pushed by ethanol demand, but it happens in rice too.

An interesting fact found in a discussion. Some scholars raised question about the roles of forest providing food. With its environmental services in maintain hydrological balance in ecosystem, forest plays as main component in water supplying for food crops cultivation. Under agroforestry system, forest area could be used for staple food planting.

Amid increasing biofuel pressure on rainforest ecosystem, there’s still a way to tackle food crisis.~