G Data ClientSecurity Business

G Data ClientSecurity Business

If there any security software for business, then you should try G Data ClientSecurity Business. It’s recognized as the  world’s best virus protection for corporate networks. What make G Data ClientSecurity Business so special for corporate class?

First, it featured with powerful security technologies including TWO virus scanning engines and exclusive Idle Scan. This technology allows system to scan servers and workstations when system is idle, so no need for  for scheduled scans. Second, it has central management with an intuitive graphical user interface. G Data ClientSecurity Business   also provides brief report on malware monitoring.

Issues on data security at corporate level have created worries at level management. They concern on the data leaked incident, enabling competitor to create a kind of breakthrough at the front.  Use standardized procedure to protect your business data, then consider specialized security suite software for business entities to ensure the best protection.

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G Data ClientSecurity Business works silently at client process. It will ensure the users cannot altered security setting without any permission.  G Data ClientSecurity Business enable to detect virus containing email. The software has ability to easily setup centrally-managed firewall  on autopilot. The software has added mobility features called  G Data MobileSecurity for Android that works on corporate android smartphones and andriod tablets.

User will enjoy the most recent protection since the software is update virus signature hourly. The interesting part are, user will receive free software and version upgrades. For who live in US, the vendor provide free 24X7  technical support as well.

Learn the system requirements:

  1. G Data AntiVirus Client (32/64Bit): Windows 7/Vista/XP (32Bit only!)/Server 2003 or 2008, 1GB RAM
  2. G Data AntiVirus ManagementServer (32/64Bit): Windows 7/Vista/XP (32Bit only!)/Server 2003 or 2008, 1GB RAM

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