Human health and ecosystem

What can we do as our health is going to lower level and then spend much funds to cure the unnecessary illness? People have limited resources, including their effort to support better environment and greener world.  Understanding issues on human health will enhance the allocation of public fund, and for people, it will prevent from unnecessary illness.

In tropical countries, practices of forest management impact the surrounding area of ecosystem thus affecting the incidents of local disease. This is a case how natural resource management linking to health issues.

In the meantime, there is a relation between human health and changing climate. Government of developed countries are making strategy of adaption to reduce the impact of climate change on human health and others. Below are some highlights of  health issues, brief explanation on  the history, causes, incidents, and its management  –mostly sourced from scientific evidence. It that might help us to understand how the relation between human health and ecosystem.

Paclitaxel, cancer and deforestation

Asbestos related illness